Our private online coaching program for women is not for everyone.


It is for those who are ready to change and reclaim their power within!


Our custom programs come with access to a private facebook group connection for support and one 15 minute phone call each week to discuss changes, needs or simply provide additional support. These plans also provide limited text responses.


Our custom fitness program will help you find your inner warrior of strength. Designed with your fitness goals in mind, this weekly workout program will help you live the life you desire in terms of fitness.

We focus on the following elements as a foundation, adding specific movements based upon your individual needs, capability, desires and resources.


Cardiovascular endurance conditioning

Cardiovascular endurance training using weighted resistance can boost the metabolism, burn fat and increase a woman’s ability to regulate hormones, improve daily living skills and feel better about herself.

Strength and toning

If you want improved muscle tone, then let’s get lifting.  We also emphasize core conditioning and strength as a foundation to our programs. Strength and muscle tone go hand in hand.  Increased strength means increased capability, but it also means increased lean muscle mass, increased metabolism, increased bone-density and an overall confidence that is unparalleled.


We like to stay off of the scale and focus on how we feel, how our pants fit around the waist, how we are sleeping and how much energy we have. 

Our philosophy is that scales are meant to demean and degrade!


Our custom wellness programs are unique for two main reasons.

One, they are created based upon fluidity and individuality. Two, they focus on wellness and overall well-being instead of rigid measurements.

We can help you achieve your nutrition, performance and body shape goals. We can also help you maintain vitality through certain struggles in life and help you work through obstacles associated.

Nutrition Plan

Out nutrition plan can help you reclaim your power to eat the foods you desire without the shame and guilt often associated. We will work to reestablish a healthy relationship with food and food-related events.


Working through this season of life can be challenging if you have been conditioned to believe it a disorder or disease. Getting and staying in optimal health during menopause can be challenging, but it is possible.  Menopause is not a disease or a disorder, but a time of shifting energy and is a very valuable stage of a woman’s lifespan!

Other Issues Related to Women


Connecting to others is important for all humans.  Women need social interaction and validation from healthy and happy relationship connections within a sisterhood, with their spouse and their family. Most importantly, they require a deep connection to themselves,


Unconditional self-love is key to reclaiming self-esteem and removing destructive patterns and behaviors.  Know your value and your self-worth!


The feminine side of polarity is full of emotions and feelings.  It is important to embrace all of your emotions so that you can let the destructive ones go.  To heal it, we must feel it.


These plans are available for purchase and unlike our Customized Fitness and Wellness Programs, do not include certain support systems. These are geared towards the individuals who have a busy schedule or prefer doing things on their own!

These plans do not include weekly phone/text support or access to private support groups.

Custom Plan Workouts Only

For just $30 a month, you will receive 3 customized workouts a week (12 workouts total) targeted towards your goals*.

An additional $10 will get you 4 custom workouts each week, or for $50, you receive our best deal of 5 customized workouts PLUS two weekly optional workouts and travel workouts that are simple and effective during times where you cannot make it to the gym.

Custom Basic Nutrition Plan

For $50 a month, you will receive a 5 day a week/3 meals per day meal-plan for one month targeted towards your nutritional needs and goals!

General Workout Plan

For $20, you will receive four weeks of some of the most effective workouts we have discovered in training for over 20 years as coaches and athletes.

These workouts are geared towards women of all ages for maximum fat shredding, core conditioning, shapely thighs and movements for a perkier backside!

This is not a custom plan and includes 12 workouts for a single price. This plan does not include weekly phone/text support or access to private support groups.  


We offer customized support packages that allow for phone support, text support and motivational email support because sometimes you just need someone to listen!

Phone consultation is a simple way to receive support one-on-one from our coaches. Our Custom Fitness and Wellness programs come with one 15-minute phone consult each week.

You can schedule a single additional 30-minute call or purchase a phone consult package that includes up to four separate 30-minute sessions. These calls are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and are scheduled after payment received.

Email/text correspondence and support plans available, if you prefer. Our Custom Fitness and Wellness programs include limited text support. However, you can add text and/email support to any generalized plan or on its own for a flat fee. Correspondence is not unlimited but provides you with additional support responses to questions or situations that may arise.

*We also offer a FREE PUBLIC fitness and wellness page on Facebook, a private women’s only group on Facebook for those participating in specific programs and ongoing weekly support calls to help you on your journey!

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