CALORIES: Do They Count

Let’s Talk Calories! Calories are ENERGY, which is the fuel found in food. Food being that which we place into our body via mouth and ingest. Calories allow us to move, perform, stay active and alert. Calories fuel our engine! Too few calories and we run out of gas. Too many, and we overflow, whichContinue reading “CALORIES: Do They Count”

SOBRIETY: A Message on Alcohol and the New Year

Here is a message written by one of the greatest men to have ever lived.  It is a message of truth and honor. It was written on the cusp of New Year’s Eve in light of the loud drunkenness.  It was written as a reminder of his own growth out of the sewage and theContinue reading “SOBRIETY: A Message on Alcohol and the New Year”

Pain IS Pain

I was once fallen. It doesn’t matter why. What I live for now is why I got up. I live life with great absolute intentions. I don’t care what discomfort comes with my intent because I was living in pain and living in the past. PAIN IS PAIN. Pain doesn’t distinguish which pain you’d ratherContinue reading “Pain IS Pain”