Off-Grid Lifestyle: The Frustration with Growing Food

We all see them, the amazing how-to videos and articles about how to garden, how to grow your own food and how to be self-sustaining. Each one set against a backdrop of lush greenery full of an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Bees and butterflies flowing from flower to flower, providing pollen for the perfectContinue reading “Off-Grid Lifestyle: The Frustration with Growing Food”

OFF-GRID LIFE MONTH ONE: Adaptation and Patience

We made it through the first four weeks off-grid and the experiences have been far more abundant than I could ever have expected. You see, I didn’t come into this lifestyle with a preconceived ideal or a rigid set of outcomes of what I believed things would be. Honestly, do we ever really know theContinue reading “OFF-GRID LIFE MONTH ONE: Adaptation and Patience”

No Drama DIY Health and Beauty: Anti-Aging Lip Balm

Want to create your own lip balm for chapped lips at approximately 1/50th of the cost? Here’s how I did it. Recently, we moved from below sea level near the coastal plains of Texas all the way up to the piney mountains of New Mexico. This is when I realised immediately just how dry theContinue reading “No Drama DIY Health and Beauty: Anti-Aging Lip Balm”