“Criticism is the only reliable form of autobiography”…how you criticize yourself and others is the OPEN BOOK to the very kind of person you are. Do you have a need to TELL others what they SHOULD have done or SHOULD do in a given situation? Do you have a need to TAKE OVER a situationContinue reading “STOP BEING SO CRITICAL”

ADDICTED to Toxicity

What Is TOXICITY….Really? When we get acid on our skin, it burns! We may experience redness, pain, inflammation and even destruction of the skin’s integrity. Some acid is so caustic, it will eat through flesh and bone, causing irreparable damage and much worse, death. Acid is toxic! By simple definition, toxic is really just thatContinue reading “ADDICTED to Toxicity”

WAR: When Conflict Is Not Normal

Plot twist: WE ALL experience conflict!!! Some with ourselves and some with others. We may have conflict with our CHILDREN, our SIBLINGS, our COWORKERS, our NEIGHBORS, our PARTNERS, ACQUAINTANCES, FRIENDS, FAMILY.  Even COMPLETE STRANGERS! By definition, conflict is a ‘serious’ disagreement or argument; incompatibility.  This can be over beliefs, wishes, thoughts, needs, interests or ideas. TheContinue reading “WAR: When Conflict Is Not Normal”