SOBRIETY: A Message on Alcohol and the New Year

Here is a message written by one of the greatest men to have ever lived.  It is a message of truth and honor.

It was written on the cusp of New Year’s Eve in light of the loud drunkenness.  It was written as a reminder of his own growth out of the sewage and the sad reality of how events such as New Year’s Eve and Day facilitate enabling of people staying in the sewage.

Not everyone drinks to celebrate.

In fact, most people use celebration as a reason to drink…again.  They use shots of celebration as a portal into getting drunk.  They use the “toast” to a New Year as the impetus for the drama, the hangover and the fighting the next day.

I have been there!  I have been the one who has walked out on the one who used a celebration as a means to drink; to get drunk.

Here is to SOBRIETY!  Its not a disease.  Its not anonymous.

Sobriety is truth and integrity.

Not everyone drinking tonight will be drinking to celebrate. Some will be drinking to get drunk. A kind of drunk most social drinkers don’t understand. Be aware that if you’re drinking with them, you’re telling them that “it’s okay.”

It’s not.

Some people you’ll be drinking with tonight have a real problem with alcohol. It’s not your problem, it’s their problem and they are looking for acceptance and opportunity to drink openly.

If you know someone like this do your best to let them know they have a problem.
It may not make them happy but they’ll know you know.

A path of self destruction is a path of self destruction. The results are only slowed with bullshit, but can be halted with truth.  Being called out is a wake up call.

I know (I’ve been there).

You cannot hurt an addiction with truth.

Happy New Year 2020

NEW YEAR 2020: Stop Making Resolutions and Create True Change

At some point, you have to realize that making a NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION is pointless.

When the negative effects of the past or the present last longer than the feeling of th resolution, or momentary inspiration, then you are destined for failure in acquiring what you feel you rightfully deserve.

From personal experience, the bullshit associated with resolutions and attachments came from all directions and from many points in my life.

After many uncomfortable and self-destructive behaviors and experiences, the ONLY way I found to enact true CHANGE was to REJECT all of he bullshit that existed within myself.  This bullshit that wasn’t me.  This bullshit I had allowed others to dump upon me without question.

One day, I WOKE UP, but not without a great cost, or at least I thought was a great cost.  The false crowd, the enabling friends, the toxic relationships and the bullshit were all GONE!   Unfortunately, this also included people and events that had become an ingrained habit, or tradition.  I was alone with myself and my truth.  No influence from others.  No bullshit.

Only me and a clean canvas, ready for creation.

If you are stuck, in the moment, in a toxic relationship, in finding peace…LOOK AROUND.

Look at your influences, both direct and indirect, and evaluate their collective results. How truly successful are their relationships, happiness levels and wellness capacity?  Are you surrounded by people whom you aspire to be just like, or do the people in your life drain your energy and suck the life out of you in some way, creating conflict within yourself and making it easy for you to stay the same?

Look at the bullshit that comes with your influences.  Collectively.

Do you genuinely believe within yourself these influences are greater than the TRUTH within your soul?  Do you stay the same, in the same routine, doing the same rituals of partying or getting together only to feel like you are a PART OF, to be ACCEPTED or because it is an EXPECTATION by others to choose them and their fucked up version of unity, family and peers?

If you genuinely desire CHANGE, all change starts from within.

You will never succeed in becoming a better version of yourself or enacting change if you keep doing the same thing, hanging out with the same people and running off of the same collective energy pool; the pool that keeps you the SAME!

Nobody is coming to save you.  There are no magical pills. There is no TV
program, no celebrity influence (spiritual or otherwise), no diet plan, no guru, no Alcoholic’s Anonymous group meeting, no financial investment, no job or career, no politician or political culture, no partner, no family member, no vacation or getaway, no religion or religious belief system (dogma) and certainly no amount of money that is going to SAVE YOU! Period.  So why keep doing the same?

Raw truth!

You are the YOU that YOU are stuck with until YOU decide that YOU are tired of the bullshit, the energy and the lack of results.  That’s the magic!  In fact, no matter your circumstance, you cannot BLAME others, playing victim for your own bullshit and results.  You are NOT a VICTIM.

Feeling pathetic about yourself in your own skin, complaining about the worst experiences in your life no matter if its the experience of death, loss, ill health, obesity or feeling low and stressed is really a BILLBOARD DISPLAY showing your unwillingness to change, your lack of true desire to change and your acceptance of being stuck in the bullshit.  Its not funny.  Its not something you joke about or post on social media funny memes about!  Obesity is not okay.  Depression is not okay.  Alcoholism is not okay.


Being financially broken, fat, unhealthy, sad, angry, jealous, rejected, unwanted, undesirable, desperate, despondent, hateful, depressed and addicted are not your truth.  If you are bringing that bullshit into a New Year’s Resolution, then you will fail.

Its time for change.  Its time for a new mindset.  Its time for new energy.  Its time for new influences.  You cannot be anything new if you operate under the old.  Death must come to the old in order for life to come to the new.

Here is to all of the real changes coming in 2020.

Happy New Year!

Albert and Nikki

The Viking and The Apache

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No Drama DIY Health and Beauty: Face Wash

I’m a face washing fool!

I’ve held a steady commitment to my twice per day routine, once in the morning and once at night, for about 40 years. I make it a part of my hygiene to remove my makeup before bed and cleanse prior to putting on my morning face!

Seriously, next to showering and brushing our teeth, a clean face is an absolute necessity!!!

That being said, I’ve tried over 100 or more different facial products in about four decades.

I’ve used bars, foams, gels and creams. I’ve spent up to $100 or more on a single product and as little as a couple of bucks. I’ve found them on tv infomercials, in boutiques, purchased from multi-level marketers and from department stores, grocery stores and drug stores alike.

I’ve used some that stink, some that break out my skin and some that I just don’t like. I’ve also found some that I love, but somehow couldn’t keep myself stocked either due to the expense or the complicated ordering process. Some are highly marketed in magazines geared towards beauty and others, unknown to the general public.

For the past 3 years, I’ve latched onto one simple brand of face wash I purchased on after some research on the internet. And honestly, I’ve been very pleased with it. It costs around $25 for a 2 oz container and lasts me around 3 months, or $100 a year.

The problem is that as I minimalize my life and my general spending habits, I discovered for myself that $100 a year, or $1,000 every 10 years could be better spent on other things in my life. I had focused my energy on using cleaner products, which could be better utilised doing other things.

That’s when I discovered making my own face wash!

Simple, natural, accessible!

The recipe I found from Live Simply (see recipe below) uses 4 simple ingredients, all of which I had on hand. At approximately the same cost of a cheap bar of soap, I have a 2 ounce bottle of of nourishing facial cleanser that I can use to wash my face and remove my makeup. Natural. Inexpensive. Easily accessed.

A recipe I like!

I’m not an advocate of any particular recipe, however, I am an advocate of finding your own way. I hope you enjoy this recipe or find yourself a recipe that!

DIY Face Cleanser

1/3 Cup Castile Soap

1/3 Cup RAW Honey (mine is dark)

2 Tablespoon Distilled (or boiled) Water

2 Tablespoon Nourishing Oil (Coconut, Olive, Vitamin E, Argan etc.)

Mix water first, then the other ingredients in a container (I use my old pump bottle from my previous brand of facial wash). Shake it up and wash!

If you visit her website, read the comments regarding certain add-ins and omissions. I kept To the basic recipe and used a mixture of vitamin E, coconut oil and olive oil in mine because it’s what I had on hand.