CALORIES: Do They Count

Let’s Talk Calories!

Calories are ENERGY, which is the fuel found in food. Food being that which we place into our body via mouth and ingest. Calories allow us to move, perform, stay active and alert.

Calories fuel our engine!

Too few calories and we run out of gas. Too many, and we overflow, which is often stored as excess fat if not used up appropriately. The latter being a primary reason for excess body fat compositions.

Every single pill we ingest, every bite, taste, swig, pinch, lick and swallow has an affiliated amount of calories. So in essence, we obtain fuel not only by that which we sit down and consume, but through the seemingly insignificant ‘tastes’ as well.

Every few Saturdays, my husband and I love to eat breakfast tacos. It’s a treat for us. We use quality ingredients such as farm fresh cage-free eggs, organic whole wheat tortillas, organic goat cheese and uncured natural bacon.

But does the fact we choose quality ingredients mean our tacos have fewer calories than other breakfast tacos?

The answer is no.

In fact, our tacos have more calories than some common restaurant tacos, all ingredients held constant.

This is a common misconception amongst the general public, assuming quality organic foods somehow carry ‘fewer’ calories or are healthier, so they can be consumed in greater quantity! This is hardly the case.

Client after client, I hear this misconception and I see its reflection in body composition. Organic cookies somehow equate to being a healthier choice, and consumption of healthier choices is better especially in greater quantity?

When consuming high-quality, minimally processed or unprocessed foods, we must look in terms of our food choices AND calories:

*the type of fat (heart and brain healthy VS stroke and bad cholesterol level inducing)…saturated, unsaturated, trans-fat, omega 3,6,9 etc.

*amount of dietary fiber.

*amount of toxic chemicals and preservatives, which accumulate in the body and are linked to illness and inflammation.

*source of the food (whole VS processed), local or imported, farm raised or wild caught, stressed out or free, boxed or bulk, etc.

*nutrient density, which is the quantity of nutrition found in a serving.

Are we making a choice to run our engine on cheap gas, clogging our fuel lines and corroding our engines? If so, then what positives are we experiencing, especially if our vehicle is always in the shop for repair or worse, not running at all?

Conversely, are we choosing high quality fuels that, gallon per gallon may be a little more expensive, but enable us to run longer and much more efficiently with less damage?

There is a significant difference in a classic car that has sat in a junk yard for decades, stripped of all functionality and a classic car that has been cared for over the years and still running today!

Our Saturday Taco Fest is typically over by 11:30am in order to allow time to ‘burn off’ the calories consumed. Those calories fuel our activities for the day. Therefore, timing of calories is a valuable tool and is a pretty good indication of appropriate consumption as well.

What do I mean?

You wouldn’t want to go out for dinner and drinks, eating a heavily processed, carb-rich fatty dinner, full of toxic canola oils and other chemicals found in many restaurant foods then followed by alcoholic or sugary beverages, all to simply ‘go to bed’ afterwards!

Why? Because this is a sure-fire way to add inches to your belly! Not to mention, it prevents your body from performing the necessary sleep functions of healing, hormone function and full rest.


In comparing the calories found in food, I wanted to highlight some different breakfast tacos I found. All of the tacos are bacon and egg only, wrapped in a flour tortilla. Each calorie count below is per two tacos.

Popular fast food restaurant tacos

580 calories (for 2)

34 g fat (14 g saturated)

350 mg cholesterol

40 g carbs

2 g fiber

2 g sugar

24 g protein

Convenience store tacos

1080 calories (for 2)

50 g fat (14 g saturated)

122 g carbs

14 g fiber

4 g sugar

34 g protein

Drive through fast-food tacos

860 calories (for 2)

50 g fat (20 g saturated)

72 g carbs

2 g fiber

4 g sugar

46 g protein

Our organic tacos

700 calories (for 2)

56 g fat (17 saturated)

50 g carbs

4 g fiber

4 g sugar

44 g protein

As you can clearly see, there are many variants in the basic macros found in the sampling.

The organic tacos do not have the chemicals, toxic additives and processed ingredients that other tacos have. However, they contain FAT, SUGARS, CARBS and PROTEINS. I highlight sugars because these are not necessary in the diet, therefore fiber relative to sugar can be looked at relative to nutritional value. High sugar and no fiber is not optimal.

So yes, gasoline is gasoline. However, it’s the quality of the gas relative to the type of automobile up for discussion in terms of calories!

Just because a food is organic, farm-raised, non-dairy, sugar-free or gluten-free does not give you the green light to eat to excess.

Calories are calories, but quality doesn’t lie!

Off-Grid Transition: Selling off the gym

Part of heading into the wild is about being prepared. This not only relates to the having the essentials such as healthy drinking water, shelter from the elements, food, protection and hygiene, but also includes taking care of ‘urban’ life and the daily operations. For us, it included selling off our non-essential stuff.

Warning: if you have attachment issues, this part of the process will be a challenge!

After we made the decision to minimize our life and rid ourselves of materialism as much as we could, we began to understand just how consumed society had become with ‘stuff’. Cars, homes, decorations, sports, convenience items, vanity and anything affiliated with status or power. The world was blind to its own creation of being attached to stuff; an attachment they would surely give rise to suffering at some point.

Therefore, selling off our stuff for a greater return was, well, almost easy. I mean, we knew that things would be okay. We were not worried about getting rid of things, as we had a plan to hold an estate sale for our household items and a plan to sell our business equipment. Part of this plan was selling the gym business and all of its equipment!

Our hopes for the gym was to sell it to someone local who had a similar vision and energy towards training others, primarily because we had definitely impacted hundreds in a positive light through health and wellness. It was important for us who created a safe-space for so many to be able to carry forward that space even after we were gone. We also wanted to share our dream with others who simply needed an opportunity or an open door to make the leap. Our values as a couple were foundational in ensuring they were carried forward.

Unfortunately, the options were very limited within our community and the ones we did trust, their ability to take over fell through.

Always have a plan B!!!

The next step was Plan B, or selling the equipment off piece by piece.

Before opening the purchase to the public, which included a seagull swarm of opportunistic gym owners, we decided to take this adventure up a notch and offer our equipment to our paying and loyal clients first. We wanted to support those who had given us support on our journey.

WOW! The results were so overwhelmingly positive, in 8 hours, we had sold over 1/3 of our equipment at asking price! This not only provided the additional income for our move, but it allowed us to share with our tribe the very equipment they had been using now for over 4 years. There would be many a gym going into hundreds of garages and homes around the community unveiling the truth if the seeds we had planted!

As a final energy and event in support of our adventure, a simple connection opened up an opportunity and one gentleman who came into our gym to purchase the Muay Thai bags walked away purchasing every single piece of equipment we had left, as well as taking the gym space!

You can call it divine intervention or blessings, but the fact that energy is energy and the energy was in our favor.

It’s ALL Gone

In a week’s time, every bell and ball, every plate and bar, rower and bike all had a new owner! The gym was completely sold off at the price we were asking and it all went to those individuals who were in some way a connected part of our successes and our journey.

The success of the individual is achieved through the support of the tribe; the success of the tribe is achieved through the support of the individual. A symbiotic relationship that can never be undone. Not as long as the support is held in tact! From the day we opened our doors out of our own garage…

Two Tribes First Day

to this final moment where we said goodbye to the brick and mortar structure known as Two Tribes Primal Fitness…

we found the support never waned.

Two Tribes Last Day

Our journey…

The birth of Two Tribes Primal Fitness
Two Tribes Primal Fitness first logo sketch
Two Tribes Primal Fitness

As we move towards our next phase in building Two Tribes Primal Living and heading off-grid, which is closing down our TV business and getting rid of our non-essential personal belongings, office equipment and materialistic items, the hope is we receive as much support.

But for now, we have so much gratitude driving the energy, launching us into our next phase of transformation. The count down is underway.

Next up, selling off our day to day life! The estate sale.

No Drama DIY Health and Beauty: Deoderant

From chemical free to problem free. That’s how I figured out how to make my own deodorant.

I am disgusted by chemically-laden toxic deodorants. You know, the ones you purchase from the drug or grocery store shelves; the ones with aluminum and other toxic chemicals that have been linked to a variety of health issues from hormonal disfunction to lymphatic system issues to breast cancer.

I made a vow; a commitment, to my health over half a decade ago to stop poisoning my body by eating fake, highly processed and non-nutrient dense foods. Not only did I commit to myself by improving my health internally through these good nutrition practices, but I also put greater thought into what I was using ‘on’ my body as well.

Chemical findings:

Sunscreens possibly linked to greater incidents of cancer.

Hand sanitizers linked to weakening your immune system and causing mutated viruses and increased illness with regular use.

Sugar-free products linked to health issues and cancer.

Fat-free products linked to higher numbers of obese people.

Not to mention cooking utensils leeching poison into our foods. Toxicity of certain oils when used for cooking. Tampons linked to cervical cancers because of the chemicals. Even the use of cell phones, LED TVs and electronics has taken over our planet, creating negative EMFs and breaking down the energy flows.

Yes, I keep and anti-emf device with me at all times. Orgonite!

And don’t get me started on studies attempting to prove no connection or inconclusive results. I’ve been in the trenches when it comes to drug development and research studies and you get less than 10% of the truth in those final papers. You get what a team thinks you can handle.

But I digress.

People are genuinely unconcerned at the level of toxicity in which they bathe!!!! They dismiss it with ignorance or hype, until of course, they or someone they love falls ill.

It was an eye-opener to me just how we as a society had become dependent upon convenience and ‘cheap’ prices. We were drawn to whatever the market had paid for in terms of advertising. And yet, the truth about certain chemicals like fluoride and aluminum fell on deaf ears because we had become so brainwashed by those who were pocketing the funds and the benefits.

When the millionaire CEO of a tech company refuses to let his own children use a popular electronic device he manufactured because of its toxicity, I believe that message speaks loudly.

Even a scan of the most presumably healthy choices such as Vitamin C tablets revealed that what you buy in most stores isn’t even close to doing what is necessary for Vitamin C to work! Not to mention the lack of frontline information about raw Vitamin C being the number ONE vitamin necessary to help reduce and prevent clogged arteries, heart disease, boost immunity, reduce inflammation and improve tissue/joint healing…so much more.

*Oranges do not carry enough C to work as well; Mangos and peppers do.

*Vitamin C is safe even in mega doses minus a little tummy upset in a few people.

*You need iron-rich foods to help absorb the Vitamin C into your body so non-meat eaters may struggle a bit more if they are not eating lots of C-rich foods.

Read here for more information on the C-Monster!

*Load-dosing is necessary to saturate the body and get it working appropriately.

But I digress in my own attempt to help people understand the truth of marketing and manufactured trash you find on grocery store aisles.

The overall reality is that store shelves are lined with chemical warfare against my own health and well-being. Therefore, I launched a counterattack.

I started small, and expanded my army, one product at a time.

Natural toothpaste.

Unflouridated water.

Natural bodywash.

Makeup that wasn’t tested on animals.

Better sunscreens.

Lotions that were made naturally using vitamin E, coconut oils and shea butter…and yes, chemical-free deodorant.

They allow toxic products to saturate their skin when the pores are heated and open during a hot bath or shower. Moreover, these individuals do little or nothing to counter this by detoxifying the body so it’s an uphill battle.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and yet we abuse it with toxic chemicals every single day.

We pollute it both unintentionally and intentionally. Even those who attempt to fight the chemical war from the inside still use chemicals all over their hair and skin! This is confusing.

And so I embarked upon a quest for deodorant!

At the time, I didn’t believe it would be a quest. I just thought I could change brands and I’d be fine. Hell no!

Let me say, I have suffered from a condition called ‘hyperhydrosis’ Since I first hit puberty some 38 years ago, which means I sweat a lot from my arm pits even when I’m not exercising. A horrible experience in and of itself, making it impossible to wear certain articles of clothing without being embarrassed but also increases the potential for smell. My formative years were full of shame and of course, prescribed deodorants that burned my sweat gland!

In my journey a few years back, I began using a brand made by a company called Kiss My Face (who was recently sold off to a Drone company? Organic drones? I don’t think so!).

I had to reapply it multiple times a day. It smelled weird, like pepper, and it didn’t change my sweaty pits. However, it changed the icky pit smell. I used it several times a day, and began noticing my arm pits were VERY itchy. No rash, just itchy. So itchy, I would claw at them unconsciously while sleeping, which caused them to become red and burn! This was horrible!

I had to lay off the deodorant entirely in order to heal my armpits. As a fitness coach with sweaty pits, this was quite a challenge and requires frequent trips to the bathroom to wash.

I managed to swing between no deodorant and the Kiss My Face liquid roll-on for about a year. I even experimented with other scents and types of the same brand, but that was ineffective. I stunk!

You know, smell wasn’t something I ever had to worry about because I had become so attached to a specific brand of deodorant that actually prevented me from sweating in my pits and that totally removed any pit smell.

But weaning off of this toxic popular chemical was proving to be a bit of a smelly challenge.

I shifted to another ‘natural’ brand I found on grocery the store shelf made by Toms. I stunk worse than any of the others.

I decided to bite the bullet and try those pop-up ad brands. They were twice the price, but they were all natural.

I ordered Schmidt’s natural deodorant. I was so excited to be making the leap (based on their marketing) and with the overwhelming reviews, how could it not work?

I loved the scents and tried Rose and Vanilla. They would help a little, no different than the Kiss My Face, but within a couple of days my entire armpit broke out in a gnarly rash. I stopped for a bit and consulted the company, who suggested I used too much, too fast (it’s natural! WTF).

So I scaled back my use after another period of NO DEODORANT to let my pits heal…again! Nope, same response. Intense rose-smelling rash!

The company sent me a free sensitive skin version, with a disclaimer that some people are sensitive to baking soda. Ok, I’ll take it! I was super excited and was ready to have fresh smelling Lime pits.

Um, NO! Now my pits smelled like dirty socks and lime. Disgusting and ineffective for me. In fact, this brand caused my lymph nodes in my armpits to swell painful to the touch. I was DONE!

I was desperate at this point. I had gone long enough to detox my pits from chemicals but couldn’t find one that worked. I experimented with other brands like Native, Primal Pit Paste and even a few alchemist made ‘guaranteed’ to work options. I would use them for several months just to allow adjustment. No! No! No! They either stunk, burned my armpits or both.

I was about 3 years toxin free at this point. I finally said ‘eff it’ and stopped with all deodorants. I just gave up.

I washed my pits multiple times a day. When my hormones were active, I noticed a pleasant smell, but still sweaty. I smelled worse in the morning, so the shower was my best friend. At night, I just washed them before bed. I used baby wipes, straight witch hazel and even Apple Cider Vinegar. None helped prevent the smell past an hour or so. I couldn’t predict when my pits would smell, so this was unnerving but I was NOT returning to toxic central!

Occasionally, I’d swipe with the Kiss My Face Patchouli liquid and that provided about 4 hours of stench free living on my worst days.

I had everything else under control, except my pits!

One of the natural companies I use for face cleaning products came out with an activated magnesium charcoal free trial deodorant. I thought YES!!!! Two sticks later on a BOGO, I realised NO! This was the worst!

I typically used a product for 60-90 days just to allow it time to work. None worked, with the exception of the Kiss My Face which at this point had been pulled from all local shelves due to the corporate acquisition and was only available online at $20 a bottle!

Someone suggested Witch Hazel. I did that daily to clean my pits if they stunk. Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar too! Great for a quick wipe, but it had to be frequent and sometimes, it was just inconvenient.

Then a friend started using Lume, which claimed to be the best natural deodorant on the market. So safe, you could use it on your smelly sexual organs if you had an odor issue there. Thank goodness it was just my pits!

After 5 years of searching, I purchased a very expensive Lume sample pack to test the reviews and promises. What did I have to lose, plus it worked for my friend with excellent results!

NO! I actually found it to be horribly ineffective. I may as well rub cocoa butter on my arm pits (which I tried too, along with coconut oil, essential oils and other products in an attempt to be smell free).

One morning, after spending thousands of dollars on highly-marketed promises complete with raving reviews, I had an epiphany:

Make your own damned deodorant!

I had the ingredients and an empty Kiss My Face roll-on bottle staring at me from the bathroom trash can. I’ve got this, coach!

Voila! Self-proclaimed chemist at work!!!

So, after one day, and via frequent pit tests throughout the day, and even until the next morning, my personal concoction has been successful! In fact, after a one-week run, one application after my shower and a cleanse of the pits with a light swipe of my homemade product, I am still stench free!

I’m sure the other natural products are excellent for many out there, but there are a few of us who do not find success in these products no matter the hype, promise or reviews.

I have found my natural product! See here to look at their natural products

Natural Roll-On Deodorant

Yields approx 1 cup of liquid/8oz

1/4 cup witch hazel

1/8 cup organic arrow root powder

1/8 cup food grade aloe vera gel

1/4 cup baking soda

1/4 cup distilled water (you can use less water and more aloe if you prefer as long as their combination equals 1/2 cup)

8 grams (just under 2 tsp) milk of magnesia (I subbed mineral drops)

30 Drops of essential oil. I doubled the basic recipe and used Patchouli.

Old cleaned roller ball deodorant bottles

Mix water and magnesium in one bowl.

Mix all other ingredients in another bowl.

Pour the water and magnesium into the other ingredients and blend thoroughly until no lumps.

Distribute into into the old deodorant bottle.

Use daily as needed!