CALORIES: Do They Count

Let’s Talk Calories!

Calories are ENERGY, which is the fuel found in food. Food being that which we place into our body via mouth and ingest. Calories allow us to move, perform, stay active and alert.

Calories fuel our engine!

Too few calories and we run out of gas. Too many, and we overflow, which is often stored as excess fat if not used up appropriately. The latter being a primary reason for excess body fat compositions.

Every single pill we ingest, every bite, taste, swig, pinch, lick and swallow has an affiliated amount of calories. So in essence, we obtain fuel not only by that which we sit down and consume, but through the seemingly insignificant ‘tastes’ as well.

Every few Saturdays, my husband and I love to eat breakfast tacos. It’s a treat for us. We use quality ingredients such as farm fresh cage-free eggs, organic whole wheat tortillas, organic goat cheese and uncured natural bacon.

But does the fact we choose quality ingredients mean our tacos have fewer calories than other breakfast tacos?

The answer is no.

In fact, our tacos have more calories than some common restaurant tacos, all ingredients held constant.

This is a common misconception amongst the general public, assuming quality organic foods somehow carry ‘fewer’ calories or are healthier, so they can be consumed in greater quantity! This is hardly the case.

Client after client, I hear this misconception and I see its reflection in body composition. Organic cookies somehow equate to being a healthier choice, and consumption of healthier choices is better especially in greater quantity?

When consuming high-quality, minimally processed or unprocessed foods, we must look in terms of our food choices AND calories:

*the type of fat (heart and brain healthy VS stroke and bad cholesterol level inducing)…saturated, unsaturated, trans-fat, omega 3,6,9 etc.

*amount of dietary fiber.

*amount of toxic chemicals and preservatives, which accumulate in the body and are linked to illness and inflammation.

*source of the food (whole VS processed), local or imported, farm raised or wild caught, stressed out or free, boxed or bulk, etc.

*nutrient density, which is the quantity of nutrition found in a serving.

Are we making a choice to run our engine on cheap gas, clogging our fuel lines and corroding our engines? If so, then what positives are we experiencing, especially if our vehicle is always in the shop for repair or worse, not running at all?

Conversely, are we choosing high quality fuels that, gallon per gallon may be a little more expensive, but enable us to run longer and much more efficiently with less damage?

There is a significant difference in a classic car that has sat in a junk yard for decades, stripped of all functionality and a classic car that has been cared for over the years and still running today!

Our Saturday Taco Fest is typically over by 11:30am in order to allow time to ‘burn off’ the calories consumed. Those calories fuel our activities for the day. Therefore, timing of calories is a valuable tool and is a pretty good indication of appropriate consumption as well.

What do I mean?

You wouldn’t want to go out for dinner and drinks, eating a heavily processed, carb-rich fatty dinner, full of toxic canola oils and other chemicals found in many restaurant foods then followed by alcoholic or sugary beverages, all to simply ‘go to bed’ afterwards!

Why? Because this is a sure-fire way to add inches to your belly! Not to mention, it prevents your body from performing the necessary sleep functions of healing, hormone function and full rest.


In comparing the calories found in food, I wanted to highlight some different breakfast tacos I found. All of the tacos are bacon and egg only, wrapped in a flour tortilla. Each calorie count below is per two tacos.

Popular fast food restaurant tacos

580 calories (for 2)

34 g fat (14 g saturated)

350 mg cholesterol

40 g carbs

2 g fiber

2 g sugar

24 g protein

Convenience store tacos

1080 calories (for 2)

50 g fat (14 g saturated)

122 g carbs

14 g fiber

4 g sugar

34 g protein

Drive through fast-food tacos

860 calories (for 2)

50 g fat (20 g saturated)

72 g carbs

2 g fiber

4 g sugar

46 g protein

Our organic tacos

700 calories (for 2)

56 g fat (17 saturated)

50 g carbs

4 g fiber

4 g sugar

44 g protein

As you can clearly see, there are many variants in the basic macros found in the sampling.

The organic tacos do not have the chemicals, toxic additives and processed ingredients that other tacos have. However, they contain FAT, SUGARS, CARBS and PROTEINS. I highlight sugars because these are not necessary in the diet, therefore fiber relative to sugar can be looked at relative to nutritional value. High sugar and no fiber is not optimal.

So yes, gasoline is gasoline. However, it’s the quality of the gas relative to the type of automobile up for discussion in terms of calories!

Just because a food is organic, farm-raised, non-dairy, sugar-free or gluten-free does not give you the green light to eat to excess.

Calories are calories, but quality doesn’t lie!

Self-Protection: When Going Inside is Necessary

Protection of self is a topic often discussed in group settings. Questions arise, centered around possibilities and the options of how to defend oneself. Home defense tools, learning new skills that help deter and lessen potential harm and creating an awareness of our own surroundings that encourages safety.

But, have you ever given thought to protecting your own energy and emotional body?

When we protect ourselves energetically, we learn to reclaim our power and thwart off the harmful negativity running rampant within the energy field. Others who operate on the lower energy sources, drawing upon the negative currents of energy can impact you if you give it power.

Energy is everywhere. It is scientifically proven to be in our bodies and the metaphysical world, as well as serving as a source of power in material times. It is the feeling you get when you walk into a room; a field of many vibrations and frequencies, similar to that of radio waves.

When you step into a chaotic place, you may become anxious, disoriented, distracted, mood shifts, stressed and even exhibit irritation and anger. This is normal because you are feeling the vibration of the place.

Conversely, when you step into a space of calm or peace, you may find yourself breathing slowly and in harmony with the planet. Again, you feel the vibration of the space.

This is frequency and vibration, and is the reason so many of us can be happy one moment and then feel stressed out or uncomfortable when a certain individual enters a room.

Think of it like turning on the radio. Once you hit the button, you may be tuned into a station that produces static or even a talk show or a type of music you do not prefer.

This is the frequency. For many, we quickly change the station, moving through other frequencies until we find the one frequency that resonates. It makes us feel a certain way.

With a radio, if you are only hearing static or feeling irritated by certain music, you are free to turn the radio off. The music is still playing, however you have protected yourself from it penetrating your ears and you no longer hear it.

This same tool can be implemented with other frequencies and energies by enacting the power of self protection.

Self-protection is using certain practices or tools that shut out the negative or disruptive frequencies that you may be experiencing. There are many tools, some of which are more comfortable and easy to use than others, the most common and effective being the sphere of protection.

Like a forcefield on a space ship, the sphere of protection is a circular energy barrier that creates a protective fortress around our own sacred space. It is available to us all, however many forget its presence during times of need.

It can be used as a preventative tool or something called upon in the midst of conflict.

It is always available.

A simple strategy to enact an energy sphere is to simple visualize yourself inside a clear bubble. You can be sitting, standing or in movement inside the bubble. It matters not. What is most important is that you see yourself encased within a transparent circular shield of protection.

When learning to create your bubble, taking the time to practice visualizing during meditation or calm can help the process greatly. This is a highly individual process.

For me, I see my outline sitting inside a circular ring full of pink and gold. This visual puts me at ease and leaves me feeling peace, as if I’ve just turned off the radio. The barrier around me serves as a forcefield where missiles of negativity strike and dissolve.

I use this visual protection when I encounter conflict or a situation that has a potential to be conflicting. This may include a necessary discussion, dealing with the mood of someone else or walking into the mall on a crowded day.

Recently, I made a purchase from a local store they required extensive background checks and a lengthy process. The staff behind the counter were very busy and stressed, however the staff member assisting me was full of negative energy and contempt. This was apparent in his mannerism, BUT I FELT his energy.

Each time I made eye contact with him, I felt his contempt for me as a female. It was very uncomfortable.

Because the process was lengthy and I had a minor issue that delayed it by 10 minutes, the irritation level surrounding him and even my beloved became elevated. I called upon my sphere and amazingly, I felt instant protection.

I was there for nearly two hours, standing and waiting, hungry and thirsty. However, the bubble proved successful in keep my energy safe.

Self-protection, specifically in dealing with other’s intensity or negativity, is essential to not allowing someone or something to take your power.

If you are calm and high-vibing, and yet someone else’s moods or negative energy (irritation, contempt, fear, anxiety, intensity, etc.) comes into contact with your unprotected self, you have the potential to rapidly be dragged into THEIR DRAMA!

This not only brings you down, but it also feeds into the collective source of negativity, making it more powerful.

I believe in self-protection and self-preservation. This means physically taking the steps to prevent possible negative impact as well as energetically doing the same.

Protect your home. Protect your family. Protect your life. Protect yourself and your energy!

No Drama DIY Health and Beauty Products: Body Balm

Butter for your body seems sinful, right? It is! What’s even more decadent is whipped body butter. Smooth and creamy, it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

I love body butters.

I’ve purchased them from luxury beauty product stores, but have always been a little let down because of the extra ingredients, some I’m unable to pronounce. When I find the simple ingredient products, they cost an arm and a leg! I just want a clean product that isn’t expensive.

So I decided to make my own simple whipped butter, even though it only stayed whipped for a second because I chose to make it on a cold day. I was quite exited when it hit the peak stage, but then, it quickly balled up and got hard! Rock hard.

Anyways, I love the smell, I love the way my skin feels. But most of all, I absolutely love the fact that it costs about $2 to make versus $12 to $30 in the stores and I am IN CONTROL of the ingredients.

I reheated my solid mass of crumbles and poured it into an old body butter container.

Now I have body balm,

Here is the recipe I found for a DIY Whipped Body Butter on little green dot, a site for diy natural face and body products.

3/4 C Cocoa Butter

1/4 C Coconut Oil

(Use approx 5/8 C Cocoa Butter and 3/8 C Coconut Oil in cold temperatures so it does not do what mine did!).

In a double boiler, melt down the cocoa butter and coconut butter until liquid. If you need to measure them out, melt them separately.

Set in freezer to harden SLIGHTLY. Maybe 20 minutes. Too much, you will get a solid ball! Don’t let ice crystals form (my bowl is too cold!)

Mix with a hand mixer or whisk until fluffy. Scoop into container and enjoy your butter, or like me, your balm!