Are YOU Capable? The Value of SELF-Care and Movement

How many folks are sitting out there right now with every INTENTION of getting healthy and fit?

Maybe you are waiting for Monday to come around so you can start at the beginning of the week or maybe you have some family obligations that need to be dealt with first.

Shift worker. Students. Nurses. Healthcare. Plant workers. Grocery store and restaurant employees. Unemployed and self-employed folks. There are so many excuses for WHY we cannot perform the necessary self-care and those excuses often center around our jobs, our family life, our personality and our energy levels.

I understand that you may be drained after you get home. Not to mention, everyone seems to want a piece of you in some form or fashion! No, I get it! I have heard every excuse so nothing sounds valid anymore. In fact, I prefer folks to let me me fill in the blanks….I can be pretty creative!

But what exactly are you sacrificing when you say NO to yourself and your own self-care?


I have many clients who are in their 30’s and 40’s. They have found their bodies have mysteriously deteriorated over the years, their energy levels are low, they are tired, overwhelmed and simply put, cannot do the things they use to be able to do.

The cause is always a lack of self-care, specifically through movement.

They have allowed themselves, through their own choices, to give up on their own well-being in order to tend to someone else’s demands and needs or to out their energy into a perceived obligation.

I will say it again, THEY HAVE ALLOWED this to happen!

A significant part of living a long and healthy life is movement. But to further clarify, movement that is beyond your normal daily activities. For example, a postal carrier’s ‘normal’ is being on their feet walking from house to house most days a week. Their body is acclimated to this repetitive activity and although the perception of activity and movement may be there, this misconception can often be the downfall of their ability to remain capable for a long time.

They require movement above and beyond delivering mail.

Engaging is REGULAR consecutive MOVEMENT above and beyond the normal daily activities of work and that makes you sweat at least 20-30 minutes each and every day consistently over the course of a minimum of 90 days is the fool-proof way to return to or maintain your capability. Period!

What excuses or reasons do you have to argue? None. You cannot argue this fact! However, most WILL argue their personal choices or defend theirs or their loved ones lack of movement.

Notice I didn’t say anything about walking, running or fitness classes. I didn’t say you need a gym membership or a swimming pool, or any other equipment for that matter. I didn’t say you had to hire a personal trainer, coach or fitness guide. I didn’t say you needed to be able to stand for extended periods. I never mentioned you had to squat or lunge, climb or lift heavy.


The benefits of getting sweaty from additional movement each and every day is that the body begins to function like a properly functioning machine.

*Its better tuned to burning calories due to an improvement in the metabolism.

*It’s joints are more lubricated and better at reaching an optimal range of motion.

*It’s blood and heart functions are able to perform better, more efficiently, feeding the organs and tissues much needed oxygen.

*Its able to remove the impurities through sweat and improve the immune system.

*Its linked to improved body functions, improved blood pressure, improved body composition, improved mobility, improved physical reactions and responses, improved brain functions, improved respiratory functioning, improved immunity, improved health and wellness and improved capabilities!

Just recently, my mother who is 72 years young, visited us here in the mountains. Because we live at about 9,000 ft elevation, the oxygen levels are not as rich as the flat land where she lives. We hiked down a steep incline (what goes down must come up!) to see a nearby waterfall and she was able to maintain both the pace and the maneuvering of her 18 year old grandson.

My CAPABLE Mom, Me and My Youngest Son

Think about it! She was CAPABLE of doing the same activity that her grandson who was 54 years younger than her was doing!

I know 40-something year old grandparents who are physically incapable of playing with their active grandchildren because they have allowed their bodies to deteriorate at a rapid rate. They are on oxygen tanks and have extremely poor body compositions due to a lifestyle of inactivity and other factors within their control.

Why? Because they made excuses somewhere down the line as to why they couldn’t incorporate movement into their day.

It’s that simple!

So what is capability?

Capability is the absence of limitations in performing a task. This can be anything from mowing your own grass to picking up some moderately heavy items and moving them to another area.

Capability can include being physically capable or mentally capable. Have you ever met someone who seemed to always have a negative cloud of excuses, reasons and experiences floating over their head??? That is someone who lacks mental capability.

We are all capable at differing levels. This might be due to age, gender, genetic frame, knowledge or muscle training. We all live in different environments that require and even allow for different activities. However, being capable at a level of SELF-reliance, or where we can take care of ourselves, is an important component of SELF-care.

Self-care and self-reliance is not based upon one’s date of birth. In fact, due to experience and a higher knowledge base, one could reasonably extrapolate that capability would increase with age. We are believed to become smarter and more adept at finding solutions to our problems the older we get….making us more capable in mind and body!

The biggest problem with getting older is that we tend to abandon necessary movement altogether in our younger years. We allow the ego to step in and tell us we don’t need to move, our bodies are already fit and capable.

As we maneuver through life, we allow (WE CHOOSE) college, work, career, relationships, children, external obligations, events, families and chores to become priorities and put our health aside. Somehow, movement takes a back seat.

By the time we show up to our middle-aged years, we have neglected this basic level of self care so much that it’s two, three even four times as difficult to get moving, not to mention the lowered energy levels and the aches and pains caused by a lack of movement.

And then it happens….

We fall into the trap of being incapable. We begin to deteriorate and lose our functional activities one by one. Our mind says we still got it but our bodies speak otherwise! We try to talk a good game about helping or even putting forth the efforts affiliated with performing tasks we once could do on our own.

We have allowed ourselves to become incapable!

So you want to reclaim your capability?

Excellent. Let’s start by getting off of your ass. Yes! I said it. Get off of your ass. Now. Today. As soon as you stop reading this, go do something that is active for YOU!

Activity requires no money. It requires very little time. What would it take to sacrifice ONE little tv show, ONE little nap, ONE little break where we hop on social media and scroll or like everyone’s life? People have more time to POST on social media articles and ‘goal’ pictures of FOOD and the over sexualised, photoshopped body parts of young girls (defer to the first section of this article about the EGO) who don’t actually do much because they don’t have to!

This is crazy because they are the very same folks who cry about being overwhelmed or having little time in their life.

I call bullshit 100%. I know the game. I’ve played the game before. It’s a choice.

My job is NOT to motivate those who hold no value over their own health and capability. We are all adults and have the job of motivating ourselves into a space of getting off of our asses and moving!

My job is to GUIDE those who hold value over their physical well-being! It is to assist those who not only desire change, but who are in the I AM READY phase of getting and staying capable for a long long long time!

No excuses.

Being capable is a lifetime commitment. It’s not training for an event or competition, which is REALLY INTENSE and FOCUSED work in and of itself. It’s training for a lifetime of movement. It’s training for mobility and wellness. It’s training for strength and endurance.

Capability isn’t going to a Zumba class twice a week or taking a random goat yoga class with friends. Although those activities are part of movement, they do not define capability….not now and not future.


Capability is setting an intention to NOT allow limitations to hedge your well-being. Not mentally and not physically.

A quadriplegic who manages to figure out a way to play a sport. A person who has chronic pain but still gets up and walks 3 miles a day. A woman with rheumatoid arthritis who attends a Kettlebell class 4 days a week, even when she feels like she cannot function! No excuses.

Training in My 50s!

Capability is showing up to the movement daily. Consistently. Without talking about how tired you are from work or how you had to take care of the kids or how you had to help family for an event or how a fight your and your spouse had left you drained.

Those things can happen to any of us at anytime… why does it seem like one is more susceptible to give up than another?

The value they place on themselves. Their own worth. Self-care!

Capability is training the body in functional movement patterns that include mobility, muscle activation and strengthening, endurance of both the physical body and the respiratory body. It includes focus and relaxation. It includes putting the ego aside and working smarter for longevity instead of harder for the competition or the ‘win’.

If you aren’t placing a HIGH value on yourself and your wellness, if you make excuses why you CAN’T instead of why you CAN, if you allow LIFE’s many events to get in the way of consistency, then you haven’t yet realized…..


Movement is capability. Capability is movement.

Move every single day.

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Our passion is men's, women's and couple's wellness, from being strong and independent to conquering the roadblocks that hinder valuable goals. We are here for those who are READY for CHANGE, who are WILLING to make CHANGE and who are seeking support and guidance on their journey. As a couple, we have quickly grown into a powerful team, the Viking and the Apache, helping men and women discover their own strengths, heal themselves and bring light (knowledge) into the world. It is our mission to help others reclaim their power, integrity and truth so they can heal the world!

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