BLOG: Ignorance, Darkness and Human Trafficking: My take on Epstein

The truth is there. It’s woven into the fabric of everything. Our core. Our soul.

Truth is what I set out to find years ago. It’s not always a comfortable discovery. It’s not always painless. It creates great conflict if your life is full of non-truth. However, it is truth and there can be no argument against it.

In my experience with humanity, truth is that most people simply turn a blind eye to that which is truth. People are numb to truth and prefer to wallow in materialism and follow the lives of materialistic mentors and fallacy during their precious journey.

When a human being follows a lifestyle of materialism, when he focuses on status or power, how he looks in someone else’s eyes….his car, his house, his clothing….metaphorically, he follows the other animals off the cliff to his demise.

He lives his life in debt, for debt, in the false belief of becoming ‘successful’ or ‘esteemed’ or ‘revered’. He is one of the herd and although responsible for his own life’s suffering, he is nonetheless ignorant and most humans are ignorant.

This is truth.

When a human being capitalizes on the ignorance of the herd of humanity, when he hedges and manipulates the vulnerable to feed his success or his desires, and preys upon the weaknesses in the animals around him, hedging his kill without concern for consequences, then he is not ignorant, but rather pure darkness. He is dark energy.

This too is truth.

Race after race, generation after generation, humans are manipulated into believing the powerful, the leaders, the men with money, the athletic, the popular, the political spear heads, the systems and processes in place are the truth. This false belief is due to the ignorance of man and the darkness of the elite.

Jeffrey Epstein is pure evil and darkness.

I know this as truth.

Not because of media hype. Not because I am a ‘bleeding’ heart or angry or upset or envious. Not because I was one of his victims or knew any of his victims. But because I was a victim of a man of darkness just like him. A cult-leader who used business and money as a front for sexually abusing and controlling women. I know the lies he told, the manipulations of control and power he used, the money and narcissistic superiority he flashed in order to hedge, manipulate, use and dispose hundreds women.

Epstein carefully hedged hundreds of vulnerable girls and women, manipulating them to do his will and feed his sexually twisted and abusive desires in order to align fully with the dark energy.

He used his money to gain access to property and to control people. He used his connections to the politicians, the financial and business leaders, the religious leaders, all of whom he networked with, to not only gain elite status and protection, but to allow him safe participation in the hedonistic beliefs and acts which permanently destroy other humans and their rights to freedom.

Jeffrey Epstein, a Narcissistic self-centered Machiavellianistic Misogynistic evil elitist human who used his status, connections and power of materialism to manipulate, deceive, be conniving in order to FEED his ego, his pleasures and himself for the good of himself and himself only. He bought and sold humans for sex; vulnerable and easily manipulated teenage girls.

He successfully lured your daughters from their schools and taught them to bring other girls, your daughter’s friends, to his lair. He manipulated them into slavery….not with physical weapons, but with the greatest weapon of all….dark mind power and manipulation.

He had the best, the wealthiest, highest on the political food chain, the most connected of networks of company at his parties and gatherings….they were called ‘sex parties’ by his hedged, manipulated and brainwashed victims. He used these events as an opportunity to showcase his human slaves.

He often visited and was seen with well known sex racketeers and sexually perverse politicians, elites, wealthy men, athletes, attorneys, priests and religious figures, senators, celebrities, CEOs and Ivy League university presidents alike. He had many friends with whom he seemed to have commonalities.

He provided his connections with a service beyond financial support. He provided them with access to his sexual haven of disposable human lives.

His homes were the kind of places you read about in historical romance novels, where women were captured and held against their will, even drugged and beaten, sometimes disposed of if they did not comply. His Sultan-like lair, with its private baths and rooms to fulfill him and only him.

Over time, a steady stream of fresh young human sexual beings were lured in was developed, flowing into the master’s secluded properties and acres. On an island. Within the protected gates of the largest home on the land. A space of private, secrecy and temples that locked from the outside.

His friends and ‘clients’, often seen with him, had access to this same hive of human slaves that he did. Young naked teenage girls enslaved, brainwashed, manipulated and rewarded like Pavlov’s dogs for their performance.

Jeffery Epstein trafficked young american human life. He manipulated daughters, granddaughters, sisters, best friends…little girls. The girls who had a rough start and who wanted to run away. The abused girls. The abandoned girls. The girls who lives their upbringing with parents who denied them love or kindness or compassion.

He used his own girlfriend, employees, associates and the little girls already in bonded slavery to recruit other vulnerable girls to provide a continuous flow!

Whatever it took, just get them in. Befriend them. Lie to them. Teach them. Pay them. Drug them. Reward them. Send them flowers to school. They are children, so easily led to be fed to the wolves. Especially those whose home lives were rocky due to emotional and physical abuse, fighting, divorce, harsh religious upbringings or gender roles, addictions of their parents, poverty and welfare recipients.

This vulnerable group who possesses very little by way of the support they needed as developing young women!

Because they lacked truth, they became easy targets for the hunter.

His actions were punished just over a decade ago because ‘someone’ told on him. Someone exposed his crime, although he believed he was doing no wrong and that he deserved his slaves. Someone found out. He’d was known for his penchant for little girls, so much even his personal attorney told him to address them as ‘young women’ to avoid negative and legal consequences! He was protected, guarded man of darkness’s, as all elites really are.

He was punished, but his punishment, however, was not FAIR and JUST. It was not EQUAL to that of another man who committed lesser crimes or did not possess the same political protection and status as Epstein, and the intra-web of connection, funding, pencil-whipping of paperwork, associates, affiliates, employees, power and elites helping protect the dirty and secret lives of what elites do.

You can be assured the truth of his protection correlated to his network of the ‘trade’. The trade of the young, weak and vulnerable human teenagers and women.

As a man of darkness, a business man with an empire built on manipulation of humans, his indulgences were akin to those of the ‘herd’. However, the ignorant drink alcohol or smoke weed. The ignorant eat toxic food, gamble, shop and indulge in pornography to feed their addictions, but to the darkness, these little girls were his ‘scotch and water’. His daily drink. They were bus ‘weekend’. He enjoyed 3 or 4 ‘drinks’ a day, it was revealed by one his closest employees who publicly shared his passion as a spiritual man who received MASSAGES daily to keep him stress-free and relaxed. His human slaves performed these massages….which were sexual, not therapeutic, performed by naked children, all while he masterbated and molested their innocence souls and bodies, destroying any rights or choices for a healthy or even sane existence in the future.

These young girls were the expensive drugs served to others at his parties and gatherings as well.

I digress from topic at hand, but only to make a point relative to this web of dark and destructive energy…the illicit massages performed as an illegal service by women and children who are held as slaves, brainwashed and manipulated by threats on their lives and families!

Here in my very own town, just two weeks ago, a local MASSAGE-REFLEXOLOGY business was busted for the same ‘types’ of massages Jeffery Epstein was receiving from human trafficked teenage girls.

A woman I know shared with me recently,

following this local bust that she has an unnamed married friend who visits these local establishment frequently, boasting of the ‘extra service’ he receives regularly at one particular massage place located on Sam Houston, just up from a Children’s Museum. His wife, none the wiser.

In neighboring city after neighboring city, ignorant women go into these places thinking they are there to receive a foot massage or other massage right alongside other individuals performed by trusted professionals and in sanitary environments.

What they don’t know is in many of these storefront strip-mall setups, their HUSBANDS, BOYFRIENDS, DADS, BOSSES and best friend’s FIANCÉE are in the next room getting the ‘add on’ for an additional ‘tip’ or charge. Personal experience has shown me this is truth, with one such place in Corpus Christi, Texas in a strip center next a popular Wing Stop attempting to lure my own husband. Fortunately he is a man of truth and integrity, and immediately requested a male masseuse and calling to tell me about the experience.

“An analysis of (a forum for ‘illicit’ massage parlors across the nation) site provided by an anti-trafficking group, Praesidium Partners LLC, identified 185 active illicit massage parlors in Massachusetts alone.”

In our own town of Victoria, TX and more-so as you expand to Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio and in all cities alike, these establishments present a duality of services, both criminal and legal. The real issue is many of the massage parlor female workers are trafficked here, exploited, forced to perform sex acts for paying massage customers, forced into service through debt bondage, poverty and fear.

NOTHING is done to stop these parasites of darkness. Nothing is done to save the girls. Nothing is done to prevent these known places from operating. Nothing is done in terms of consequences.

Last year, the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from three sex-trafficking VICTIMS in Massachusetts who accused the the website above of helping to facilitate the abuse and exploitation of children.

The playground of debauchery and careless disposal of human life would be on the chopping block if these places were to be shut down. The guardians, managers and protectors of these playgrounds do not want to lose their positions, their titles or their ability to be ‘serviced’ by children!

Prosecutors from case after case detail mostly foreign-born women working seven days a week, 12 to 24 hours a day, sleeping in parlors or nearby flophouses, and being ‘managed’ by a network of interstate traffickers, ELITES, CEOs and wealthy business people. Within the confines of these store front strip mall massage places, court records reveal that semen and sperm were found on the doors, on towels, on the walls, on blankets and on the massage tables.

Personally, I’m not comfortable laying face down on a table where another human with a sex addiction , a married man’s ejaculate had been smeared! I’ve seen the men who go into these places….in our own town. It’s disgusting.

Nationally, the illicit massage industry generates roughly $2.8 billion in revenue annually. And honestly, what if that woman is YOUR wife, YOUR mother, YOUR daughter? What if that man is YOUR husband, YOUR dad, YOUR son? Does your argument change?

“pseudo spas both here and in other U.S. cities often serve as FRONTS for sophisticated multinational human trafficking rings that import and exploit mostly Asian victims, often from China or Thailand, according to U.S. State Department reports, federal court cases and other studies”….

but back to Epstein.

Even as a KNOWN registered sex-offender, the elite politicians, senators, presidents, dignitaries and the likes continued to flock to his side.

He has a niche….giving them what they wanted, but what couldn’t take openly…or legally. So they developed a system ‘underground’. I’m sure it came with it’s ‘warnings’ and quid-pro-quo….get busted, we will try to preserve but be very careful! It’s the same ‘insider’ ring, only at a grandiose level!

He was protected, guarded and connected because of his ‘service’; his trade.

He continued to kidnap and traffic these young girls. He was completing major construction on his secluded island, to include amenities similar to the famed ‘Bohemian Grove’ in California. Just food for thought regarding these elite $25,000 initiation fee men’s club environments.

In early July, Epstein and his crimes against humanity were brought down again and he is now being held without bail for the human sex trafficking of these children.

Women have been coming forward describing the things he did to them and the POWER and CONTROL he used over them to coerce them to do things to and for him. Their courage will likely be ripped apart by the TEAM of ELITES protecting their playground, looking for ways to destroy their integrity, their families and their lives. This is truth. I have seen it from the inside.

Former employees continue to share their insights about things they witnessed, including underaged girls running around topless, giving him his multiple times a day massages, his egoism and narcissist behaviors, his intensity. Aye, but the fear of these individuals regarding retaliation by Epstein and his network, it prevents the majority of the ignorant from standing up.

The attorney who helped him fly below the radar of punishment the first time around has resigned from his position as Secretary of Labor. This isn’t making headline news! Why? Because he too is part of the web.

Instead of sharing your ridiculous stories about fights, political issues, media inflamed fears, fanatical belief systems and other lesser hype, remember these elite and evil entities who operate purely from dark energy; who hold NO regard or respect for humanity, only themselves and their hedonism.

Remember the name Jeffrey Epstein, and others like him, when you find yourself putting forth energy into silly, petty or divisive conflicts and public issues.

Remember that right here in your own hometown, there are dark forces hiding behind charismatic smiles and philanthropic gestures. There are men and women carefully casing and hedging organisations to uncover those targets, the prey. They hide behind power. They hide behind charisma and lies. They hide behind their wealth and their positions. They hide behind their materialism, their fancy cars and exotic lifestyles. They hide behind their religious connections and followers. Don’t be fooled.

Don’t be one of the ignorant.

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