Essential Info on Essential Oils

Let’s talk SMELLS…essential oils!

It’s no secret how much I despise perfume and cologne. It’s made with super-toxic ingredients that eat into your skin, which is the largest organ on your body, and cause OTHERS to have health issues as well. Not to mention, most people sporting their favorite name brand scent have NO CONCEPT about how MUCH of the froofy juice they are wearing!

FUN FACT: certain perfumes and colognes may not be right for a certain BODY Chemistry.

*People in a toxic state wearing more toxic chemicals

*People in confined spaces (clinical offices, planes, trains, cars, restrooms etc)

*People in gyms and fitness facilities…can you say SWEAT and COLOGNE do not mix?

I cannot count the number of times someone’s oversaturated stench remained in MY personal space in excess of a half-hour AFTER the offender departed!

PERSONAL RANT…that trash you buy from Multi-Level Marketing Schemes (MLMs), department stores, popular bath and body stores and ‘magazine-based’ companies STINKS! Therefore….YOU STINK. You make others SICK, creating headaches, nausea and irritation. It’s not attractive….and WTF are you trying to cover up???? Just GROSS! Rant over. I digress.

I, however, do LOVE essential oils and their natural earthy smells…not to mention their healing potential.

Many folks ask me what BRAND of essential oil I USE or recommend. They have asked me about certain MLM/pyramid scheme companies….HEY, wanna be a distributor? For $X, YOU can own this fantastic starter kit that will heal you, your family, your pets, clean your house, your laundry, wash your car, prevent illness and get you RICH by enlisting 7 other people to sell them (aka ‘your downline). INSERT EXTREME EYE ROLL….and yet I believe every 20-30 something should be forced to lose money more than once on being sucked into MLMs, especially those that CLAIM they are not MLMs, but again, I digress.

What is an essential oil?

They ARE NOT oils at all, but have been given the term ‘oil’ because they do not mix with water. They are the LIVING ESSENCE present inside of the flowers, leaves, stems, fruit, bark and sap of plants, roots and trees. The essence is the natural chemical structure, or natural chemical constituents found in said plant.

“It can take up to 60 roses to produce one single drop of rose essential oil”

What are essential oils used for?

That’s a loaded question, really! Anything and everything.

Primarily, the mainstream population purchase them for SMELL, aka aromatherapy. Popular trends such overpriced aesthetic diffusers, roller balls, jewelry and other ways to get a certain smell out there have flourished, promising calmer kids, more relaxed offices and spicier romance in the home!

In ancient practices, they are used to HEAL illness and disease, help with hormonal functions and body functions, disinfect, ceremonies, provide pain relief and of course, serve as form of ‘perfume’ to allure, enhance and entice!

Of course, in ancient practices, you didn’t have MLMs and corporate entities looking to do whatever it takes to increase their bottom line. You simply had shamans collecting and extracting the wild indigenous essence of a plant or tree, using it for its intended purpose!

Essential oils are also used by BIG industry in fragrancing and flavoring a myriad of products. However, these entities aren’t utilising the essence for its intended purpose, therefore do not require the quality necessary for aromatherapy and ancient purpose/practice.

Are there different qualities of essential oils?

Although a rose by any other name is STILL a rose, an oil does NOT follow these same rules. Aside from the MLM companies, there are many companies and distributors out there providing essential oils to the general population as well as LEGIT healers and natural practitioners whose HEART and purpose is to help others in some way.

So YES YES YES, there are different types, qualities and grades of essential oils.

Much of what you see and grab off the shelf, especially blends, has a high potential of containing pollutants and additives that actually DESTROY the integrity of the essential oil being marketed.

Some oils go bad quicker than others. Some are more expensive than others, and rightly so, given their extraction process and frequency of availability. I mean, if you have to climb Mount Fuji to extract a RARE essence from a specific indigenous root that heals an individual from a terminal disease, you can bet the risk of life and limb, not to mention the value of said oil will come with a comparable price!

Some oils are BLENDS, while others are PURE. Some are PRE-diluted with other additives, including oils that may not be clean, pure or even appropriate. Even still, some oils or their naturally occurring constituents can be MANUFACTURED in a lab and therefore, included in the essential oil without YOU EVEN KNOWING.

Basically, unless you do your full disclosure research, you are purchasing an experiment at best.

What essential oil do I NEED?

If you are asking this question, you probably aren’t a healer. For aromatherapy, MOST people looking for essential oils SHOULD BE looking for an oil that is:




An ADULTERATED essential oil, or the opposite of what you NEED, is one that has been tampered with in some way.

Here are some examples of ADULTERATED or oils that are tampered with:

*BLENDED oils that are cheaper to mimic a higher quality essential that are marketed as PURE

*BLENDING a high quality with a low cheaper quality oil of the same species

*ADDING any constituents, whether natural or synthetic, to an oil or other synthetics to improve the oils scent

*ADDING a carrier oil without disclosing the dilution

*ENVIRONMENTAL factors such as soil and seed quality, pesticides, rainfall, temperatures, altitude, handling and storage during any part of the process

*STORAGE and PROCESSING methods that include the wrong containers, poor storage conditions, what they are stored with, contaminated handling

What essential oils do I buy?

Warning…so first off, never ever purchase essential oils that have the following words on their label or marketing media:

Fragrance oil

Perfume oil

Nature Identical oil

These are some easy ways to tell if your oil is pure trash oil. These are neither essential oils nor are they suitable for any form of aromatherapy.

Aside from that, let’s talk about what to look for when purchasing an oil.


‘Aromatherapy Grade’ or ‘Therapeutic Grade’ is NOT AN OFFICIAL LABEL. There is NO REGULATING authority who grades or even certifies essential oils. The term ‘Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade’ is nothing more than a REGISTERED and PAID FOR TRADEMARK! You can guarantee you will absorb their costs to offset their bottom line. Period!

When you see the words ‘pure essential oil’ on the label, you know your supplier understand the Importance of PURE oils, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the oil is UNADULTERATED.

Pure is good but if it doesn’t meet other criteria, it may not be what you believe it to be.

Make sure the LATIN NAME and the COUNTRY of ORIGIN of the oil is printed on the label. Yes, this is important! Also, make sure you can access the method used for EXTRACTION. Cold pressed. Distilled. Etc. Avoid oils that do not provide these elements.

Organic is typically, but not always, better than non-organic oil.

Mass produced, MLM or health food store brands are not always optimal. These places often sell ‘low quality’ and adulterated oils. Health stores do not necessarily understand STORAGE impact on oils, including how long an oil has been sitting on the shelf prior to purchase or how they are stored when they aren’t on the shelf (ie…in the warehouse).

Oil brands where the oils are sold for the ‘same’ price are a good indication of lower quality oils.

Oils sold in plastic containers, clear glass containers, use a dropper to dispense or in large containers need to be further researched for quality. Light can destroy the oils. Essential oils can dissolve plastic containers, contaminating the oil itself. They can also deteriorate the oil faster. As a general rule, you want to purchase 4oz or smaller sizes in DARK GLASS containers.

You WANT an essential oil that is:



Plant Derived

Organic or Wild Crafted


These components would lend to a TRUE therapeutic grade oil, even though the term may be defunct and misleading. A genuine and authentic oil is one that is completely UNADULTERATED (genuine) from a SPECIFIED PLANT (authentic-Latin name included). A plant derived oil means that the oil should be extracted from the AUTHENTIC SPECIFIED PLANT SPECIES.

It’s safe to say that MARKETING in all of its money-making potential seems to twist even the purest of intentions into someone else’s bottom line and in the world of essential oils, where purity is everything, I believe it PRUDENT to understand exactly WHAT you are purchasing.

Simply because a smooth tongued mom has calmed her hyper child using a blend of oils from ‘Company X’, who also has an opportunity for you to purchase at a discount price as well as sell on the side to offset your cost and the opportunity to create a downline DOES NOT mean the oils used are AUTHENTIC GENUINE PLANT DERIVED oils.

In summary, if you genuinely want to know which essential oils are the best (staying away from MLMs as a strong recommendation), do a little of your own research. However, If you are simply wanting to know the name of some quality brands available, here are a few who meet the essential standards of QUALITY:

Mountain Rose Herbs

Plant Therapy

From Nature With Love

Rocky Mountain Oils


Stillpoint Aromatics


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