Divine Power: we are in need of a universal womb clearing

As women, we experience the world through a different perspective.  We are the maidens, the mothers, the crones.  In spite of our vast experiences and environmental inundations, we are connected as free children, as sensual beings and as wisdom embodied.

We have been led astray, lifetime after lifetime, guided far away from the celebrated roots of our matriarchal existence.

What has happened to us as a powerful gathering, bringing forth to our sisters advice and knowledge?  What has become of the pearls of wisdom worn proudly around our collars, our wrists, our ankles and our waists as we run barefoot in the grass, hands held high to the celestial gifts of the heavens?


We have slipped through the graceful fingers of our heritage, our roots, only to be overpowered by primal responses and expectations!

We suffer deeply from trauma, the kind of trauma that destroys humanity and kindness.  The kind of trauma that leaves us perpetually searching for acceptance and love.  We have turned off the lights and closed the doors, somehow accepting this as off limits or forbidden.

The womb of our universe is traumatized and we all owe her a deep apology.  Not for what we as individuals have done to her, but for what we as a matrix of energy have done to her.  We violate her and dominate her with anger, rage, control, abuse, division, entitlement, intolerance and hate.  We cast judgment upon those who do not meet up with our expected behaviors.  We victimize ourselves, succumbing to the judgments of the self and of others.

This is not about horrific events within the parameters of our news feeds and walls.

NO!  This is about creative flow and voice, spoken from the beautiful notes of our hearts.  This is about sensuality as an individual. The love of self.  The embrace of self in that WE ARE EXACTLY ENOUGH RIGHT NOW IN THIS VERY MOMENT!  No change required.  No modification necessary.  No alterations needed.  And yet, here we are, searching for “approval” from others in our works, our beliefs and our individual truths.

We ask for others to opine:

What do you think of my art, by business, my career choice?

Should I engage in this business endeavor?

How do I help this person?

Where do you want to eat or go?

What should I do?

And then we are devastated, heartbroken, judged and sometimes downright volatile, combative, passive aggressive and angry when the opinion is doled out…even if it is spoken in KINDNESS and with 100% truth of themselves.

As a unified matriarchal existence, we have exiled the creativity, the sexuality, the sensuality, the freedom of thought, belief and expression.  We cast it aside when we drew lines in the sand of what a young girl or woman or mother or wife SHOULD be.

We all have at some point or actively participate in the gang rape of the DIVINE MOTHER!

If not directly, through the acceptance and perpetuation of this horrible act via silence and the feeding frenzies of victimization, hopelessness, fear and unsafe existences.

Life happens!  There have been devastating natural disasters past and there will be many more to come….all when we least expect them.  There have been mass murders and genocides of past, eradicating innocent people because of their skin color (Hiroshima/Nagasaki, Pearl Harbor, Titanic, Holocaust, up to hundreds of millions of Native Americans killed by Europeans/Spaniards/Americans/Christians) or due to being distressed over taxes, finances, job promotions, government decisions, bullying or other reasons.

This is because people are victims, or bullies, or need power and control, dominance and some sense assimilation through “my way or else” tactics.

Its not a matter of IF, but a matter of when.

And yet, we still sit in despondency and despair, trying to understand WHY? WHY? WHY? Why did this happen to such innocent individuals? What made him/her/them do it? How could he do this? How could she do this?  So many questions and energy directed at the negativity, when the waters of positive clearing energy run freely only inches away!

We as women must embrace our matriarchal roots!  We must stop hiding from our voices.  We must stop accepting maltreatment, physical abuse, sexual abuse, rape, gender bias and expectations.  We must STAND UP, not in hate, but rather in LOVE and provide an energy field that enables women to come forward and speak up BEFORE trauma happens. Before the nightmare occurs.

There are millions of beautiful natural women taking care of themselves who are sexualized by society and its MEDIA EMBRACED EXPECTATIONS of beauty.  What it means to be a woman in the eyes of society changes every 2-3 years!  How can we begin to keep up with beauty? And even then, WHO ARE WE TRYING TO PLEASE?????  The judgment of others.

It has become generally accepted that sexual control of women is the norm.

That a woman who is abused by a man and speaks up was somehow asking for it or is exaggerating her story.

That a man (and any women) who makes jokes and is a purveyor of degradation, objectification and sexualization of women is somehow expressing their “freedom” or “beliefs” or “opinions”.  I cannot say enough how many times I hear men and women say “he’s just being a guy” or “that is what guys do” or “I am guy”.

That a woman who is raped or physically struck must bear the burden and relocate, find a judge who is compassionate, run, live in fear or worse, she must first die to be heard.

I call bs on those lines!  They are simply excuses that enable society to continue with these acts.

Is it any wonder why men who molest, rape and sexually assault children, even exploiting and selling them on the internet for financial gain, are forgiven of their crimes or handed light punishments or fines while those who commit even small crimes against the government are locked away indefinitely and indiscriminately?

The patriarch is a necessity in humanity.  It is our balance. Our homeostasis.  However, the universe is currently OUT OF WHACK, with control, hate, sexualization, dominance and “fuck it or fight it” mentalities.

He is no longer a protector or provider, but rather, an abuser and a rapist whom we must return to his rightful place, in harmony with his feminine energy.  The patriarchal dominance will to abuse the divine feminine, the womb of our universe, until WE as a collective energy power, put a stop to it!

Oh, so many women will rise up with a sword and scream “hell yea”….but this is not how it is done.


This is not to say we are not strong enough to fight with sword and shield.  I am Viking and I am fully aware and confident of my physical power and abilities.  However, I am a grounded woman whose womb has been cleared of the sexual trauma of my childhood.  I understand that deep within my own womb, I hold space for creativity and sensuality and a healthy abundance of emotions.  I understand that from my heart, I embrace even the most caustic of opinions from those I love unconditionally.  I practice SELF CONTROL and empowerment to make change within my own parameters, my own path, instead of engaging in a battle of opinionated conflict on others.

Even when I have spoken my opinion, I am quickly struck by the bullets of anger and rage, fists of judgment, condemnation, name calling and even hacker attempts at bringing harm to me and my family.

OH, so many will stand in awe and proclaim how “terrible” or “what kind of person would…”, but the reality is it is ALL of us do it, daily.  Whether a comment here, a thought here, a negative word here or a cultural engagement here.  We embrace, accept, acquiesce, silence, follow expectations and participate in the brutal raping of our own breath of life…..our FEMININE UNIVERSE.

We owe her a deep apology! (this apology brought tears to my eyes, in that it holds such truth and wisdom of a patriarch warrior)

The womb clearing ritual is very powerful (I discovered it as I read one of the most powerful books of divine transformation) as we clear a positive space to bring forth the trauma and wash the womb’s space delicately and purposefully.  We envision a light, a flower, a beautiful room of billowy vibrant orange clouds and rose scents!  We bring life and power back to the womb by searching and meditating into all spaces of the womb, searching for devastation and darkness, pain and suffering and then holding them in love and kindness so that we can wash them away.

Pouring out the old negative water and cleansing the bowl with a candle and a prayer, then filling the spaces with the beautiful flowers given to us by the divine, petals of roses and peonies, sunflowers and daisies, passion flowers and moon flowers serves to cleanse the womb of our divine goddess mother who gives to us.

We can clear out the old traumatic energies of the womb by working as a collective divine feminine energy to remove the trauma and support one another in our quest to bring back our feminine!

We will then, and only then, find flow, kindness, nurturing relationships, sensuality, creativity and the beauty of sexuality as it is intended!



Published by NikkiAlbertVasquez

Our passion is men's, women's and couple's wellness, from being strong and independent to conquering the roadblocks that hinder valuable goals. We are here for those who are READY for CHANGE, who are WILLING to make CHANGE and who are seeking support and guidance on their journey. As a couple, we have quickly grown into a powerful team, the Viking and the Apache, helping men and women discover their own strengths, heal themselves and bring light (knowledge) into the world. It is our mission to help others reclaim their power, integrity and truth so they can heal the world!

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